Central Taiwan, which includes Miaoli, Taichung, Changhua and Nantou counties, is a paradise for golfers. Combining mountains with plains, the urban with the rural, and the modern with the traditional, Central Taiwan offers a rich diversity of styles.


Varied terrains and rich cultures, and a challenging golfing experience

Over 80 percent of the Miaoli area is made up of mountains and hills. With a rich Hakka culture and an attractive natural landscape. Miaoli County has two golf courses: The Royal Country Club and the National Garden Golf Club. The former is a challenging course designed by a master, and the latter is famous for its speedy greens and open view.

Besides golfing, players here can experience local Hakka culture, including food, customs and the hospitality of the local people. The Hakka Tung Blossom Festival is held in May every year and attracts millions of visitors. With white Tung Blossoms adorning mountainsides and valleys, May is the most beautiful month to visit Miaoli.

Royal Country Club
No. 20, Mingde Village, Touwu Township, Miaoli County

Located on the mountain northeast of Mingde Reservoir and far away from any urban area, this course provides a quiet environment for golfing. The course was designed by Robert T Jones. Jr., the fairways are not long, but the undulating terrain and various hazards make this a challenging course.

National Garden Golf Club
No. 1-1, Shizhen Li, Yuanli Township, Miaoli County

Located near Huoyan Mountain in Miaoli County, this course is famous for its speedy greens. The fairway is broad and open with a great view, and players have fine views of the Taiwan Straits. Furthermore, there are 10 large-scale bronze masterpieces by Yuyu Yang, an internationally-famous sculptor, decorating the course, yielding a perfect combination of art andnature.

Taichung, Changhua, Nantou
A variety of golf courses with distinctive neighborly charm

Located in central Taiwan between Miaoli and Yunlin, Taichung City is the economic center of an area with a population of six million. The weather is sunny year-round, and the average temperature is 23 ℃. It is a suitable location for all kinds of outdoor activities. Most golf courses around Taichung are located in the foothills surrounding the urban area and feature open vistas and undulating terrain.

Situated in the center of Taiwan, Nantou County has several hot tourist spots, including Sun Moon Lake, Xitou Forest and Lushan hot springs. Located in Nantou City, the Nan Fong Golf Club provides great views of the surrounding countryside and its forests, and has speedy greens. Do not miss this course
while golfing in Nantou.

Chang Hwa Golf Club and Tai Hong Golf Club are close to Changhua City. These two challenging courses meet international standards. Situated in central Taiwan, Changhua County is flat and open, with a warm climate. The county is also known as "Taiwan's granary" due to its rich and varied farm produce. The Flower Festival held here in January every year attracts thousands of tourists.

Taichung International Country Club
No. 21-8, Beikeng Lane, Minzhengli, Beitun District, Taichung City

This 27-hole course is conveniently located near the Dakeng area, only 20 minutes from the urban center, so golfers can enjoy a quiet afternoon's golfing after lunch. With lush woods on the sides of the fairways, the course is
moderately challenging.

Taichung Golf & Country Club
No. 46, Tongshan Rd., Hengshan Village, Daya Township, Taichung County

Located on the slopes of Dadu Mountain in northern Taichung City, this course was designed by Watanabe Hiroshi, a famous designer from Japan. The 27 holes are built along the natural contours of the landscape. Being conveniently
located, with beautiful scenery and moderate fairways, it has become one of the most popular golf courses in Taichung.

Feng Yuan Golf Country Club
No. 23, Pingding Ln., Shuiyuan Rd., Fengyuan City, Taichung County

Founded in 1962, this is the oldest golf course in Central Taiwan. The course is situated at an elevation of about 400 meters on the Gonglaoping Tableland, with beautiful scenery all around and fairways that follow along the natural terrain. The undulating course presents many challenges to the player.

Wu Fong Golf Club
No. 668, Fenggu Rd., Wufeng Township, Taichung County

Located in the mountains to the east of Taichung city, this course boasts gorgeous views of both the Central Mountain Range and Taichung City. Located in the forest, the course is far away from the crowd. With narrow, undulating fairways and sloping greens, players can have lots of fun putting.

Nan Fong Golf Club
No. 336-1, Fengshan Rd., Nantou City, Nantou County

Located in Nantou City, this course offers great views of the surrounding countryside and its forests. The fairways were designed by Lee Trevino, the legendary Mexican golf star. With a gorgeous club house and well-maintained fairways, this is one of the best golf courses in Central Taiwan.

Tai Hong Golf Club
No. 77-5, Shanjiao Road, Fuxing Village, Dacun Township, Changhua County

Tai Hong Golf Club has a course with 18 challenging fairways designed along the natural terrain. The greens are speedy and varied, and the level of challenge is quite high. Several international golf tournaments have been held here, and the course has a competitive feel to it.