Facing the vast Pacific Ocean, and backed by the towering Central Mountain Range, Eastern Taiwan offers both high mountain ranges and ocean landscapes. The famous Taroko National Park is located in this area. Eastern Taiwan is the ideal choice to enjoy a natural golf vacation.


A golf tour combining hot springs, beautiful scenery and seafood

Located on the east coast in the north of Taiwan, Chiau Sih Golf Club offers views of the Pacific Ocean and an undulating terrain that enhance the fun of golfing. Jiaoxi and Yilan are well-known tourist spots on the east coast, famous for natural hot springs, traditional cuisine, fresh seafood and a variety of festivals and other activities.

Chiau Sih Golf Club
No. 156, Linwei Rd, Linmei Village, Jiaoxi Townshipship, Yilan County

Jiaoxi is a famous hot spring resort in eastern Taiwan. This course is located on the slopes between the Lanyang Plain and the Snow Mountain Range. With gentle slopes, an open view and pleasant scenery, players can enjoy the sunrise over the Pacific Ocean. In addition, the waterfall on the hillside opposite the 5th hole is also delightful.

At the juncture of mountain and sea, a leisurely after-lunch game

Hualien, famous for the Taroko Gorge, boasts beautiful gorges, the vast Pacific Ocean and whale-and-dolphin tours. It is the best place to enjoy a slow-paced and a leisurely golf tour. Located in the downtown area of Hualien, the Hualien Parkview Golf Club is a gentle forest park -- the ideal choice for a relaxing golf tour.

Hualien Parkview Golf Club
No. 1, Qiulun, Huadao Rd., Hualien City, Hualien County

Established over 80 years ago, the Hualien Parkview Golf Club is the only golf course in Hualien County. The golf course is a gentle forest park with lush woods situated on relatively flat terrain, making it a good choice for a leisurely game of golf.