Southern Taiwan's climate is tropical There are a number of hot tourist spots there, including Alishan, the historic city of Tainan, Kaohsiung port and Kending. Players can enjoy natural landscapes, traditional cuisine, historic monuments and luxury hotels at tropical resorts. Of course, there are several interesting golf courses, suchas the tropical golf resort and the top clubhouse, with challenging water hazards and bunkers. It is the ideal choice to enjoy both golfing and traveling in Taiwan.



Chianan Plain
Between mountains and vast plains, experience natural landscapes and historic cultures


The vast Chianan Plain is Taiwan's granary, thanks to its rich farm produce. Most golf courses here are situated where the plain meets the Central Mountain Range, and are accessible from Freeway No. 3. It is the ideal choice to have a leisurely and relaxing golf tour. There are famous resorts all around, such as the Alishan National Scenic Area and Guanziling. The unique mud springs in Guanziling provide a great way to unwind after golfing. Located to the south of the Chianan Plain, Tainan City is the oldest city in Taiwan and boasts a distinctive culture, Taiwan's oldest historical monuments and varied local cuisine.


Palm Lakes Resort
No. 24, 3rd Fram, Xinfu Village, Fanlu Township, Chiayi County

Located at the foot of famous Alishan, the Palm Lakes Resort combines golf, food, accommodation and spa. It features a South Seas-style club house and resort, built with timber transported from Bali. There are lots of palm trees on the course which lend it a leisurely atmosphere.

Nan Yi Golf & Country Club
No. 111-6, Budai, Budai Lin, Guanmiao Township, Tainan County

Located at the south of Chianan Plain, Nan Yi Golf & Country Club is equipped with 54 bunkers and 11 pools which create a wonderful environment in which to play golf. With various types of flowers and trees, the course is a good place for both competitive play and for socializing. Nan Yi Golf & Country Club is one of the best golf courses in Southern Taiwan.

Wing On Golf Country Club
No. 39, Banzhihuakeng, Dongyuan Village, Dongshan Township, Tainan County

Wing On Golf Country Club is the only course in Taiwan to have been designed by Peter Dye, the famous American course designer. The 27 holes, with a Mountain Area and Water Area, make up a standard international championship courses, with fairways extending along beautiful wooded hillsides. With its undulating terrain, the course is very challenging.

Chia Nan Golf Country
No. 21, Liushuang, Shezi Village, Guantian Township, Tainan County

Located on a gentle hillside to the east of the Chianan Plain, this course features broad fairways, water obstacles and endless bunkers which present challenges for players. The weather is warm and the fairways green all the year round, and the gorgeous club house is well-equipped, making this an idea place for a golf holiday.

Nan Pao Golf Country Club
No. 136, Toushe Village, Danei Township, Tainan County

Located in the Tainan Scenic Area, Nan Pao Golf Country Club is near to Tsoumalai Farm and Zengwen Reservoir. The course is divided into A, B and C courses, with a total of 27 holes. Both sides of the fairways are covered with mahogany and camphor trees. Featuring island-style greens and surrounded by streams, this course is a wonderful place for golfing.

Kaohsiung, Pingtung
Challenging golf amid the charm of the seaside city

      As the world's sixth largest container port, Kaohsiung City is a city full of vitality and enthusiasm. With its high-rise buildings, department stores and shopping centers, Kaohsiung has been chosen as the location for many movies television series. The golf courses around Kaohsiung feature undulating terrain that increases the level of challenge.

There are several courses situated near scenic spots. For example, Kaohusing Golf & Country Club is at the side of Chengqing Lake, and Sun Wood Lake Golf Club is situated at the entrance to the Central Mountain Range. Besides golfing, players can enjoy the beautiful scenery of Chengqing Lake, the lively evening atmosphere of the port city, and a variety of cuisine and recreational activities.      

Ta Kang Shan Golf Club
No. 1, Changshan Rd., Xide Village, Tianlaio Township, Kaohsiung County

Ta Kang Shan Golf Club is located on the border of Kaohsiung County and Tainan County. The scenery here is beautiful and quiet. Featuring gentle slopes, big pools and distinctive bunkers, the course is challenging. The weather is perfect for golfing all the year round. Also, Ta Kang Shan Golf Club is the only course with night lighting in southern Taiwan. It is the best choice for playing golf on summer nights.

Hsin Yi Golf Club
No. 1, Xinyi Rd., Tongling Village, Dashu Township, Kaohsiung County

The Hsin Yi Golf Club is located in southern Taiwan and has various tropical trees that lend a different atmosphere to each fairway. All of the holes have a double-green design. The 8th hole, a 622-yards par-5, is the longest one on the course. The course is also the longest golf course in terms of yardage in Taiwan.

Sun Wood Lake Golf Club
No. 190, Zhangzhe Rd., Guangxing Village, Gaoshu Township, Pingtung County

Sun Wood Lake Golf Club is located on the border of Kaohsiung County and Pingtung County. The fairways of all 27 holes weave between woods, artificial lakes and brooks; the club house, which occupies a total of around 8275 square meters, located at the highest point on the grounds and offers gorgeous views of the entire course. To sum up, Sun Wood Lake Golf Club is a challenging and leisurely golf course.